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All-Russian bowling competition and the largest international tournament in Russia"Brooklyn Open. Tyumen 2019"2 019 000 rubles Prize fund!

7 days of competition!

From 25 February to 3 March 2019

The competition will start in


2 019 000 Р

The largest winning fund in history




prize winners


brand new bowling lanes for the game

The most important things

Meeting at the airport

Free transfer service. We will deliver your bowling balls from the transport company.

Free accommodation

For all of you who prior paid for 1 package on the website. We‘ll inform you ahead.

Free transfer

The transfer from/to stay accommodation.

A couples and a command set off

A specific prize fund for a couples and a command contest.

Tournament in  Senor tour

On international tournament will take place the Grand Finals "Senor 2018".

An interesting programme

Every day there‘s something new, waiting to be discovered.

The airline baggage  charges "UTAIR"

Excess baggage for the all time of tournament - free, if you have a ticket, unlimited number of locations. Important condition - one place of baggage may not weight more than 23 kg.

How to take part in «Brooklyn Open. Tyumen 2019» ?

Save a request on the website

please contact us on the phone

We invite you to Tyumen! We will meet you :)

Win in our contests and win different prices

Online payment

Select the type of tournament

« The  marathon»

Any  level of qualification

You can play whatever you want, in any groups

+1 turbo game, desperado game, step-out

Extra chance of getting into final

35 000 rub.

Personal сompetition

Any  level of qualification

One track - two participants

Two blocks in five games

50 finalists for the prize fund

5 000 rub.

Team competition

Any  level of qualification

5 members of the team

5 prize-places

Qualifications for entry the Final 6 games

15 000 rub.

Paired competition

Any  level of qualification

2 members of the team

5 prize-places

In victory column best block of 5 games

6 000 rub.

The Grand Final "Senor 2018" 

16 prize-places

Age handicap

2 000 rub.

Bowling alley representative

Contact me if you have any questions about regarding your accommodation, transportation or participation in Tyumen:)

Phone: +7 (922) 477 37 77

The overall prize fund is allocated among top players.

To get full aknowledgement  about the prizes, please, proceed to the regulations page

How long does it take for game?

Whole game process, consisting of 6 games in 1 block, should last for about 3,5 hours. 

We arrive from another city, where better take up residence?

We will arrange accommodation for those who has paid at least for 1 block on the website in advance. Also we should have special offers from our partners. Contact our representative for more details:))

Anything about "Brooklyn Open. Tyumen 2019"?

That is important International event in the bowling industry with the most powerful prize fund 2 019 000 rub.

Groups' schedule



09:00-10:00 - Official practice

10:30 - 1 group

14:00 - 2 group

17:30 - 3 group

21:00 - 4 group



09:00 - 5 group

12:30 - 6 group

16:00 - 7 group

19:30 - 8 group

23:00 - 9 group*



09:00 - 10 group

12:30 - 11 group

16:00 - 12 group

19:30 - 13 group

23:00 - 14 group*



09:00 - 15 group

12:30 - 16 group

15:30 - Ceremony for the opening

16:00 - 17 group

19:30 - 18 group

23:00 - 19 group*



09:00 - 20 group

12:30 - 21 group

16:00 - 22 group

19:30 - 23 group

23:00 - 24 group*



09:00 - 25 group

12:30 - 26 group

16:00 - 27 group

19:00 - Step-out**

20:30-22:00 - Desperado game «Siberian»

22:05 - Final round «Extra - frame»



09:00-12:00 - Finals (team competition) Becker

12:00-13:00 - ***Finals (paired competition) Becker

13:30 - Final (personal competition)

20:30 - Award ceremony

21:00 - Banquet

* can be organized additional teams, on condition at least minimum 8 participants. Any group can be cancelled, on condition less than 6 applications.

**Step-out takes place in a pattern Х-6-2 (less than 20 participants) или Х-12-6-2 (more than 20 participants)                                                      

***without cleaning tracks

*Special offer for participants from Tyumen. Please, call us for more details


Free accommodation from the organizing committee

Within the framework of the competition, the organizing committee, at the request of the athlete (subject to payment before the end of January), provides free accommodation for the days of the competition. Accommodation in hotels of Yurga, located at: Tyumen, ul. Shcherbakova, d. 158. Accommodation in rooms for 2-3 people, bathrooms in the rooms, transfer in the morning and in the evening.

Watch previous year competition "Brooklyn Open. Tyumen 2017"

Day 1. Openning

Day 2. Competition and city excursion

Day 3. Competition and visit of Tyumen hot springs

Day 4. Finals

Regulations Brooklyn Open Tyumen 2018

Here you will see the competition results but for now look
at the previous year results ; )
Click here

Photo gallery of 2017 is here

"Brooklyn Bowl" - the biggest bowling-restaurant in Tyumen region.


When you come to us, you will see many bowling minded people, so for sure it is going to be comfortable for you. Feels like home.

Restaurant with exclusive chef's meals

For our guests we have prepared special deals. :)                                    

Bigs sofas at the waiting zones

Nice bonus to make your game much more enjoyable.      

Few important things:)


For everyone who made a payment at this website in advance we provide accomodation for absolutelly free. No kidding.

Your free stay hotel is located next to the hot springs area and is called "Sudat Village" :)


To and from "Sudat Village" to the bowling alley place                                                                                                                                                                                      


We will be glad to meet you at the airport and guide you to your place of stay. We are very nice and friendly. :)                                                                                         


We will have different activities everyday. Get ready for something new and exciting.                                

*The cost of the first block is only 5 000 rubles. More info

Choose type of the competition


Suitable for personal participation in competition among women and men. The minimum age of the participant (s) is 13 years. 

If you are ready to compete with others for a large prize, this type of competition is for you.

One lane - 2 participants

Any level of experience

Two blocks. Six games in ech block. + Finals

50 participants will get the prize

Each block is 5 000 rubles

Team competition

Excellent option for both the company of friends or corporate participants. 

Any gender. The minimum age of the participant (s) is 13 years.

5 team members

Any level of experience

6 games to get to finals

Five prizes

Team admission fee - 15 000 rubles.

Sports offset

In the Competitions, only holders of membership or annual gaming licenses of LLC "Federation of Bowling Russia" who have at least 3 sports categories can participate.

Registration (target) fee for participation in the competition:

  • personal competitions - 1500 rubles (for 6 games),
  • paired competitions - 3000 rubles (with a pair),
  • paired competitions - a mix - 3000 rubles (with a pair).

Special offer at Double Tree by Hilton

Only for Brooklyn Open participants

Direct booking from our website

Double Tree by Hillton is the official partner of the competition and provides room reservation at special, reduced prices. By clicking on the button from our site you will be direct to the page with a special offer. The link is valid for athletes, fans and family members of competitors.

Convenient location and maximum comfort for you.


Tatyana Puisan 

The judge of the all-Russian category

Vadim Koryakov

President of the Federation of bowling in Tyumen region

Artem Rachmeev

CEO, Brooklyn Bowl

Maxim Sudat

Member of the Board of the Bowling Federation in Tyumen Region

Artur Abdullin

Member of the Board of the Bowling Federation in Tyumen Region

Marina Komarova

Member of the Board of the Bowling Federation in Tyumen Region

Valeria  Perminova

Event manager

Ekaterina Bashkirceva

Event manager

The competition starts onFebruary 25th 

Осталось до начала:


limited offer only.

Our partners which also love bowling as much as we do

This great even is going to take place at the following address:

"Brooklyn Bowl", 60 Timofeya Charkova st.

We are here to reboot bowling industry in Russia

+7 (3452) 560-590